Design 3A: Design for the Digital Realm

Week 11


Monday, In Class


  • Read Introduction, Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 of How to Respond to Code of Conduct Reports – Valerie Aurora and Mary Gardiner and connect a discussion question to the channel
  • Based on our conversation today, decide on one direction to move forward with for your social network and create a code of conduct for it. Consider who the social network is for and who it is not for. Start thinking about how someone joins your social network and what that onboarding process will be like, and how this is reflected in the code of conduct. Begin defining the brand pillars of your social network. Do you have a motto? What type of experience are you hoping to maintain for your user base? What does that look like? Think about how all of these decisions can inform the code of conduct/community guidelines.
  • Your code of conduct/community guidelines should be a fully designed document that starts to introduce a tone of voice and content for the website. It should prioritize legibility, but can reflect the spirit of your project. You will save it as either a figma document or an exported PDF and upload it to the google drive. Design it at as though it was a single page website.