Design 3A: Design for the Digital Realm

Counterculture Publication


The theorist Michael Warner argues that publications are the site where publics are formed. We will look at the evolution of printing, from its origins in Korean Buddhism then Gutenberg; mass versus subcultural publishing; translation of print to screen; born-digital publishing. Within this timeline, we will study when subcultures and their practice of publishing within specific means. Examples include Maximumrocknroll, New Woman’s Survival Catalog, and Genderfail. For this project, you will focus on (1) the study of a subculture and (2) the display of the publication. Consider alternative forms of digital publishing, ephemerality, file structure poetry, screenshot archives, etc.

Throughout this project, we will question:

  • How has publishing evolved?
  • What are alternative forms of publishing?
  • How do constraints affect publishing?


Design and build a responsive, cross platform publication for a specific subculture.